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Jesse N. Mills, MD, an associate clinical professor of urology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, says the most common penis injury he sees is a penis fracture. “That’s when a man tears the tough outer lining of his penis during sex when he bangs his erect penis into his partner’s pubic bone. It usually happens when the female is on top and thrusting down on the man’s erect penis,” he says.

Dr. Mills says penile fractures usually happens when a partner is drunk. That was the case with one of his recent patients. “They were in the throes of disinhibited, liquor-induced passion at 2 a.m. when she elevated her thrusting pelvis to the very tip of his erect penis and momentarily lost coordination as she slammed her pelvic bone forcefully down on his erect penis. They both heard a loud cracking sound followed by his shriek of pain,” he recalls.

As Dr. Mills recounted it, the patient’s previously erect penis had turned into a large eggplant.” “There are three chambers in a penis the two erectile bodies and the urethra (urinary channel),” he explained. “Most penile fractures are mild with a small tear in one of the chambers that requires a few stitches to close the defect and get the man back to normal in a few weeks. This man tore all chambers and the only thing keeping his penis attached to his body was his skin.” All the blood had rushed from his erection through the tear in his fibrous exterior penile lining into the space underneath his skin. His erect penis, now fully deflated, had quadrupled in size and lost all rigidity.

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Dr. Mills says that the patients injury was so severe that he not only fractured his penis, but he also tore his urethra completely, so he was unable to urinate. He had to fully reconstruct all chambers and essentially reattach the torn penis to the base, which was still intact. The patient had to use a urinary catheter for three weeks and was out of commission for about six weeks, but he fully recovered and was able to have sex again.

The moral of the story? “Vigorous sex is fine but don’t mix it with alcohol,” says Dr. Mills. “If you do injure your penis, get to the ER right away, embarrassing as it is.”

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5 Surprisingly Common Penis Injuries That Can Land You In the ER – Men’s Health

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