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Common causes for emergency room visits – KOLO

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) Many household accidents are more likely to occur during the holidays. This three-day weekend is no exception. But common household items can also increase the chance of you or your child getting hurt.

Unsecured prescription drugs and pools are two items in homes that can lead to overdoses, and near-drowning or drowning.

It’s not an uncommon scenario for physicians who work in emergency rooms. But there are five more items they warn about. One of the most obvious is an unsecured gun in the home.

Most people’s kids are inquisitive. They will find them. They will want to know what they are all about. Potentially play with them. If you are going to own a gun you should have it locked up in a safe only you have access to, says Dr. Bret Frey, an emergency physician at Northern Nevada Medical Center.

Trampolines are a great way for kids to get exercise. But they can also lead to injuries even with experience and supervision.

Your child can’t escape gravity. Gravity always wins, says Dr. Frey.

He says the most common injuries are extremity fractures, but sometimes he sees neck and back injuries as a result of falling off the trampoline.

Hover boards are another item. In 2015, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission investigated and ultimately declared all hover boards on the market unsafe. That’s led many retailers to stop selling them. Broken wrists are the most common injury from hover board falls.

Batteries and magnets are tiny, sometimes shiny, and sometimes small children put them in their mouths and swallow them.

So one battery can be pretty bad. If it stays in one place especially, it can cause erosion, necrosis, dying of the tissues, and then that places the bowel at risk for perforation. Magnets cause a folding of the bowel, sticks together causes the bowel to die, says Dr. Frey.

Finally, extension ladders are pretty handy items in homes. They can reach to roofs or trees. The problem is they may only be used once or twice a year. With little experience, falls sometimes from high places are the result.

I see a ton of falls off ladders, says Dr. Frey.

Understanding the downsides of having these items in your home will probably lead to assessing if they need to be there at all. If the answer is still yes, secure and mitigate those items–understanding that in some cases youll have to accept the risk.

Common causes for emergency room visits – KOLO


Total Solar Eclipse, Emergency Room Readiness – FOX10 News

(WALA) –

On a given day you never know what’s going to happen inside the emergency rooms. “Our job is to be ready for any type of emergency at any time.”

Al Babcock is one of eight ER doctors at Springhill Medical Center. Right now they’re working to get the word out about viewing the solar eclipse. On Monday, August 21, 2017, all of North America will be treated to an eclipse of the sun. Anyone within the path of totality can see one. Mobile won’t be in that path, but the area will observe 80%eclipse.

“Because I know there’s going to be something really cool to look at in the sky and people are going to want to look at itand the retina does not feel painso people aren’t going to know they are doing damage,” Dr. Babcock explains.

Proper eye protection is key! We’ve been forewarned about the importance of proper eye wear while viewing the eclipse, still Babcock says injuries will happen.”My concern is that we will see a lot of eye injures from people who didn’t actually practice proper prevention and measures to look at the sun,” Dr. Babcock says.

That damage could be temporary or permanent.

“There are two types of injuries that we worry about from the emergency room and one is treatableit’s called Ultraviolet Keratitis and that’s essentially a sunburn of the eyethe outside covering of the eye can get a sunburn just like our skin can get a sunburn.”

UV Keratitis is treatable. Retinal burns-or what’s called eclipse blindness is more severe. Either way, he says the staff is prepared.

“I am confident. This is what we prepare forthis is what we doit’s kind of like an old bunch of Boy Scouts…always be prepared so it’s literally one of the Wave busescrashes on I 65 we’ve got to be ready for it,” he adds.

Symptoms to look out for include: loss of central vision, distorted or altered colored vision. If you have any of these symptoms after viewing the eclipse, seek medical treatment immediately.

For more safety information on viewing the eclipse, check out

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Total Solar Eclipse, Emergency Room Readiness – FOX10 News


SMC emergency room gets remodel as part of construction project – KMAland

(Shenandoah) — As a major construction project continues at Shenandoah Medical Center, officials are putting the finishing touches on the hospital’s emergency department.

The new and expanded emergency room is expected to be fully operational by the end of this week. The improvement is part of phase two of the hospital’s $22 million upgrade. The new ER includes five exam rooms, three trauma bays, a triage room, a specialty room for psychiatric patients, secure facilities and a new ambulance bay. Dr. Santosh Kumar is medical director for SMC’s emergency department. He says with the added space comes several new services the department can offer.

“We have included quite a few new services which includes things for our surgery side, psychiatric and mental health services, better trauma beds, more trauma rooms and a physician-staffed ER 24/7, which is a huge accomplishment for us,” said Kumar.

Kumar says the new ER was in the planning stages for quite some time.

“My guess that thousands of hours went into the planning for this,” said Kumar. “We spent six or seven months where all we did was plan. We visited big ERs and small ERs at lots of hospitals. I personally went to Nebraska Medicine because they were doing renovations, and we wanted to learn what mistakes they made in planning or what they did which worked well for them.”

The new department is near where the old ER was located on the west side of the hospital. ER staff has been in place using most of the remodeled space for the past couple months, as the finishing touches are being put on additional space. Kumar says his staff is delighted with the increased space and modern facility.

“It’s like we were driving a Chevy and now we have a Cadillac,” said Kumar. “You can just feel the excitement. We are all very, very excited. More than that, we are all from the community, so it’s excitement for us in two ways; as a staff working here and as people in the community. This is huge for us.”

Kumar says a hospital’s emergency department must be equipped with the latest technology, because it’s often where people are most nervous when they visit the hospital.

“Most healthy people’s visit to the hospital is either for well-check or you come to the ER for some reason,” said Kumar. “When you come to the ER, it’s the most anxious part of the hospital. Either you or your family member is sick and they need help right away. That’s when the ER makes a difference. It leaves an ever-lasting impact. If you have a good experience with the ER, it sticks with you for a long time.”

Kumar says he hopes the community and surrounding area will take pride in having a state-of-the-art facility in their backyard.

“This is not just one person’s dream,” said Kumar. “This is the whole community, every staff that works with us and some staff who left, this is all their dream. It took a lot of effort from every one of us. I really thank our board for making this happen.”

The completion of the new emergency department is part of phase two of the remodeling project at the hospital. Phase one included a new medical office building, clinic and front entryway, which was unveiled last December. The rest of phase two includes remodeling of the surgical center, which is expected to be completed this winter. A $20.35 million USDA loan is covering the cost of a majority of the project.

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SMC emergency room gets remodel as part of construction project – KMAland